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Ji Sun Chong

Yoga Instructor



Ji Sun's first introduction to Yoga taught her the quiet, grounding power of slowing down while connecting mindful movements with breath. Since her first class in 2001, she has explored various styles of Yoga and feels the strongest connection to an alignment-based practice. Ji Sun's classes are thoughtfully sequenced with an emphasis in proper alignment, awareness and play. She focuses on clear instructions, curious exploration and guided mindfulness. She received her teaching certifications at Magic Pond Yoga Studio in Seoul, South Korea and at Wise Living Yoga Academy in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


Ji Sun loves how Yoga reminds her to be kind, present and steadfast. It's this sense and joy of authenticity, truthfulness, and strength that she strives to share and celebrate with others.


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Ji Sun is a magical yoga teacher. I call what she does 'yoga - deconstructed' - it is fantastic the way she breaks apart each pose and explains what every part of the body SHOULD be doing. She notices how each person's body is aligned and gently offers corrections with the slightest touch, all the while respecting that each of our bodies is different. She is also FUN! I try never to miss a class.

-Joanne B.

Ji Sun's classes, her joyful and detailed way of teaching, made me fall in love with yoga. Before attending Ji Sun's classes, I often felt very disconnected from the intention of yoga practice and it felt like I was just following along without understanding the movements and their purpose. Ji Sun's non-judgmental and open demeanor in class, creates an environment that allowed me to let go of my hesitation to ask questions and make mistakes, and I was finally able to understand in the way she describes the motions, how my body should be moving and experience fully the therapeutic power of yoga. I'm so grateful to Ji Sun for this gift!

-Ari R.

I've been attempting to practice yoga since college but was never able to find a class where I felt comfortable. When I started practicing with Ji Sun, I was pleasantly surprised. She met me exactly where I was, and with her encouragement and thoughtful instructions, I found myself improving and enjoying myself. I never felt judged in the class for my ability and always felt truly supported by Ji Sun. She creates such an inviting environment. It isn't stuffy yoga, it's reflective and fun yoga. Whether practicing with her in a yoga studio, outdoors or in a gym, her ability to create a space for self-acceptance and growth is incredible. I'm glad that I met her, and glad that she's been able to help me on my yoga journey! She's my favorite yoga teacher.

-Kelsey S.

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